The power
of data


Industry-specific solutions for Agriculture, Energy and Infrastructure sectors

Opus Insights technological solutions allow organisations in the Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Energy industries to handle immense datasets – either proprietary or acquired datasets – and turn them into actionable insights tailored to each business objectives, challenges and needs. By blending both business and technical acumen, we help advance business strategies through making data analytics accessible, accurate and ready for use.

Powering critical data-driven decisions
We offer organisations the capacity to perform swiftly and more efficiently in a continuously changing business landscape by gaining access to actionable intelligence, leveraging its potential and making critical business decisions with certainty.

Maximising the impact of data analytics
Founded in 2018, Opus Insights started operations providing crop forecasting services by creating intelligent, data-driven solutions to soft commodity supply chain challenges – our data automation process that has already covered over five million hectares globally.

We develop cutting edge data analysis services primarily targeted at Agri-Commodity, Infrastructure, and Energy industries – to generate vital field information and support critical management decisions.

We combine innovative technologies – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics – to turn massive datasets into scientifically validated insights.

We focus on providing user-friendly intelligence that foster transparency, accuracy, sustainability and smart operations.

We have secured an extensive IP portfolio – including unique scripts and specialised machine learning modules – to enable fully automated spatial and land analysis, object recognition and data transformation.

Gain competitive advantage with Opus Insights

  • Obtain reliable, detailed and accurate field intelligence that is easily accessible and usable.
  • Leverage predictive analytics, spatially-driven analytics and industries dedicated tools – e.g. commodity intelligence.
  • Gain a firm contextual understanding of what and why something happened.
  • Expose hidden patterns, shifts, anomalies, relationships and incidents.
  • Understand and analyse deeper trends and behaviours – e.g. site-specific evaluation and diagnostics, infrastructure lifespan, environmental shifts, crops health, mapping drought, assessing damage from storm.
  • Keep track of what happens on the grounds, better monitor resources.
  • Forecast demand in existing and new markets.
  • Generate new revenue opportunities or cut costs.
  • Improve better, faster business decisions.

Opus Insights & Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to provide a substantiated basis for decision-making

High-end scientific expertise
Wageningen University & Research (WUR) scientific quality is internationally acclaimed in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental studies.

WUR focuses its research on scientific, social and commercial problems in the field of life sciences and natural resources.
  • More than 75 years of experience in market and consumer research.
  • An extensive network of experts.
  • Unique knowledge of the global food market that helps identify and address developments, opportunities, and threats with state-of-the-art data science and models.
  • WUR has the knowledge, research, and education to meet the global challenges of reduced biodiversity, climate change, soil, air, and water pollution, and to shape and accelerate the required transitions.

From shared vision and ambition
WUR's strategy is to work with innovators from the business community, develop knowledge in collaboration with partners and to foster active dissemination of knowledge in society. Opus Insights' ambition is to address and help solve global challenges Agriculture, Energy and Infrastructure industries face, for which collaboration is more critical than ever.
Scientific and technological innovations are the vital link to perform in the transition process to a resilient, safe and sustainable future.
Our union of expertise leads to scientific and technological breakthroughs that can quickly be put into practice and generate impact.

Investing in Innovation
Opus Insights helps advance research and innovation by sharing knowledge – data sets – with WUR for scientific research. In return Opus Insights designs solutions tailored to international issues based on WUR scientifically proven knowledge.

Opus Insights technologies, services and products are developed in close cooperation with WUR to ensure those results can provide accurate insights, support developments strategies and sustainable global value.