Specialised solutions for the agri-commodity industry

access current and forecast analysis and strengthen your decision making with accurate insights

Agri-commodity specific Business Review & Due Diligence - Smart data visualisation and decisive assessment tools

  • Disease mapping
  • Water logging
  • Contour lines
  • Digitising infrastructure
  • Change over time
  • Flood risk
  • Historical field & climate data
  • Erosion mapping
  • Biological asset valuation
  • Open spaces

Collecting, modelling & delivering accurate data analytics for the agri-commodity industry

All included data management
Based on gathering and analysing proprietary and/or additional datasets – drone, plane, satellite, manual and scientific data.

Solid knowledge management
Based on scientific validated knowledge to interpret data and provide advice for decision-making activities.

Powerful model management
Based on high processing speed and accuracy allowing for affordability and scale – through Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning High data processing power.

User-friendly Interface management
Fully operational, comprehensive and easy to navigate online platform built to handle heavy user traffic.

User-friendly reporting - Accessing valuable and accurate agri-commodity insights

Location Insights
  • Keep real-time track of what happens on the grounds.
  • Know exactly where assets are and make smart data-based decisions.
  • Gain understanding of each location condition, potential and life cycle.
  • Secure instant objective information through remote site monitoring.

Continuous Monitoring for real-time Compliance

Reporting and manuals